Brands change the world

One thing is clear: brands are more than logos, slogans, or packaging. Brands convey values. They reflect our desires, dreams and longings. In brands we recognize attributes and beliefs that remind us of ourselves. We become captivated. Completely.

No wonder we allow brands to seduce us. Brands shape our daily lives, they guide our behaviour and influence our views. With clear-cut intentions: the image we have of a brand is not merely coincidental but the result of a targeted process. kour&kour steers this process.

We don't just understand people—we understand how people influence people.

How do people decide what to believe and what not to believe, in a world where skepticism and distrust of traditional "authority" is the norm? With the WWW and 24/7 news at their fingertips, who do they "listen" to when trying to make sense of it all? Whose opinions really count? And how does this affect the ways in which people make decisions?

We believe that learning more about stakeholder behaviour and the most effective routes to influencing that behavior amidst this complexity is now, more than ever, crucial to our clients' brand success.

We are digging deeper to discover why people believe and act the way they do, in order to form insights that become the focal point of our planning process.

Engagement – whether you’re communicating with investors, customers, employees or other key audiences, engaging and motivating them is your goal.